Automate username/password entry when git pushing over http from windows machine

I am pushing from my windows box to a repository cloned from an http (not ssh) address. Each push, I have to enter my u/p. I want to automate this process. I have tried the following:

$ git config credential.helper cache
$ git config credential.helper 'cache timeout=360000'

But those settings had no effect and I still have to enter the u/p each time. Is there any way to automate it?

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    Use _netrc file to store your username/password for remote machine, described here

    Newer versions of Git support a more streamlined credentials API. Depending on implementation of the credentials helper, this is typically more convenient and secure than using .netrc.

    A popular windows credentials helper is git-credential-winstore.exe. Simply download to the git/bin path and execute. Github supplies a similar helper.

    Additional detail here (but not specific to Windows):

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