Auto generate/remove jenkins jobs

I am looking for a method to automatically create a set of jenkins jobs (typically after new (git) branches have been created). I have tried this plugin for maven:

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  • and it works fine + its pretty cool to manage all jenkins jobs from a single pom.xml file where names, branch ids etc can be parameterized (eg. through properties)!

    The only downside is that I have not figured out how to remove the jobs again but its should be easy to throw in a cleanup script.

    Are there better approaches out there to auto-generate jenkins jobs? Eg. using the jenkins api directly from a build script (pom.xml, build.gradle, etc).

    Other approaches I am looking into:

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    An alternative approach is to introduce Gerrit into the workflow. Patchsets submitted for review are implemented within Gerrit as branches.There is a Jenkins plugin which can automatically build and test these review requests, a very handy feature, which I think would fulfil you needs.

    Gerrit is used by several large open source projects:

    • Openstack
    • Eclipse
    • Clound foundry
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