assertion failed errors when trying to git subtree split

I have a private GitHub repo (which I can’t share here) cloned locally. I want to split a subfolder in this repo into a new subtree repo. I’m following these instructions Using Git subtrees for repository separation (under Splitting code into its own repository).

My specific command is:

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  • > git subtree split -P .\plugins\rg-feed-client -b rg-feed-client

    however it fails with exactly 24 “assertion failed” error messages that look like this:

    1/     26 (0)2/     26 (1)assertion failed:  [ plugins/rg-feed-client = .\plugins\rg-fee
    3/     26 (2)assertion failed:  [ plugins/rg-feed-client = .\plugins\rg-feed-client ]
    26/     26 (25)assertion failed:  [ plugins/rg-feed-client = .\plugins\rg-feed-client ]

    If I try any other subfolder, the exact same happens. I have no idea what may be wrong here… HELP!

    My repo has 2 remotes: origin, and a remote for an existing subtree that I added to my repo.

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “assertion failed errors when trying to git subtree split”

    This was probably due to the backslashes in –prefix (I was running Windows back then.)

    p.s. no one was able to answer this but they felt free to down-vote my Q? Of course I did a research effort, some people here are just pr1cks

    Split -P can’t gracefully handle directory path . Use following command instead –

    git subtree split --prefix=plugins/rg-feed-client -b rg-feed-client

    A few points to remember –

    1. Avoid prefixing ./ with path i.e instead of ./plugins/rg-feed-client use plugins/rg-feed-client

    2. Avoid any trailing / after the path , i.e NO plugins/rg-feed-client/

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