Asking git to look for different key other than id_rsa

I not sure why but even though I mention properly in ssh config to look for identity file with name for github

git still considering id_rsa as default and it does not seem to work unless an until i rename and viren to and id_rsa

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  • Here my ssh config look like

            User git
            IdentityFile /root/.ssh/viren

    Can anyone help

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Asking git to look for different key other than id_rsa”

    I believe the ssh config only applies if you use the alias defined in host clause to connect to the server.

    I.e. you should have in ssh config have:

    host github
        user git
        identityfile /root/.ssh/viren

    The host directive has to be followed with something you will actually use to connect, so [Amazon server] is not appropriate. And you have to tell git to connect to:


    (and not

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