Are github release notes store on git?

The release notes seem like a great thing to me but I’m wondering if they are stored on git or just an external storage system which github owns.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Are github release notes store on git?”

    Apparently not: a release seems to be proprietary to GitHub and not a metadata attached to your Git repo (using git notes for examples).

    At the time of this feature (Release Your Software, July 2013), the blog post “About Github’s New Releases Feature” noted:

    However, there’s something that still bothers me. It’s tightly coupled into Github which only allows us to enter the information into Github’s Releases system.
    We can’t transfer the data together with our Github repo if we decide to move the project from Github.
    We also can’t versionize or collaborate on the changelogs through Pull Requests.

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