Anyone use both Tortoise Git and Subversion on the same machine?

Anyone install both? Using each for separate projects obviously. Shouldn’t be a problem, I’m guessing, but hoping to fish out any gotchas. Furthermore, anyone use Tortoise Git, Subversion and Mercurial on the same machine?

Edit: Forgot to mention, this is for Windows 7.

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    I’ve got Tortoise[SVN|Git|HG] installed on my Win7 desktop, with no apparent conflicts. Apparently SVN and HG even use the same icon overlays – Git’s are different.

    It should not be a problem as long as you don’t try to use them on the same files.

    TortoiseHg and TortoiseSVN cooperate with each other when displaying the overlay icons: they both use a library called TortoiseOverlays, which is provided by the TortoiseSVN team. So it is fine to install both at the same time.

    I don’t know if TortoiseGit also uses the TortoiseOverlays library, but I would expect so.

    TortoiseSVN and TortoiseHg on the same machine doesn’t seem to be a problem. I don’t know about TortoiseGit.

    On Windows 8.1, there is a problem with icon overlays. When you check out a new repository in hg, git puts unversioned overlays on the folders, even though the folders are versioned in hg.

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