AnkhSVN error, looking for strange path

I’m using SVN via AnkhSVN for my project and whenever I go to commit I get the following error(s)VN Error #1 then when I click the Stacktrace button this is what it’s showing enter image description here. I have no idea what this path is that it’s looking for, so what can I do to resolve this?

EDIT: This is weird because that directory has never existed, not removed or deleted either. No files appear to be in conflict either, so this one has me stimpted.

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    I think you need to update first, and then commit.

    If that fails, please give some more information:

    • What’s the status of the files you’re trying to commit?
    • Does that path exist in the repository, or was it moved/renamed/deleted recently?
    • Run svn info on the files you’re committing, and check which of them has that ‘strange path’ as URL property

    You probably have a conflict. Try to resolve the confilct first. When you submit, scroll down the list of items until you see one in bright red. It will be the conflict due to the path. Uncheck all the other items first and resolve this item. When this is rosolved, the commit will work properly.

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