Android studio git using private key

A have an address of git repository.
Also I have a private key in open-ssh format.

Is it possible for git in Android Studio to use it?
I tried to search some info, but no luck at this time.

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  • Thanks for any useful information!

    Edit. My steps:
    1. I put my private key in .ssh folder (Users/user).
    2. In Android studio I run: File – Settings – Version Control – Git and put the path to Git executable.
    enter image description here
    3. Then VCS – Checkout from vesrion control – Git. I put repository address there. enter image description here

    If I continue here, there is:
    enter image description here

    But I don’t have username and password, only key.
    If I try:
    enter image description here

    got the following:
    enter image description here

    And how Android Studio would know, that it should take my private key instead of standard id_rsa file?

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Android studio git using private key”

    Ok, finally got it working!

    What I did – switched to .ssh folder, then replaced contents of id_rsa key (as I understand, this is default ssh key of Android Studio) with contents of my ssh key.

    Still don’t know the way, how can I point Android Studio to my ssh key, but in such way it works.

    You simply need to add the key to your server.
    Android studio is using the OS git and not Egit like in Eclipse which has its own git implementation.

    No special configuration need to be done.
    check that all is working from bash/terminal and it will work in the Android Studio as well.

    What to do if its not working?

    If you cant access your repository from the Studio use the following format as your connections url

    :ssh:git@<server ip>:<git repository path>

    This will use a direct connection using ssh keys.

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