Allow agent forwarding using Cmder (ConEmu)

I am using cmder which runs ConEmu on Windows 8.1.

It has a built in Git functionality so I can pull/push git repositories in the console (like on a Linux console)

To authenticate I use a password protected SSH private key. If I do a git push With ConEmu, it will prompt me for the keys password each time. I can type ‘start-ssh-agent’ and enter my password once, and it will will auto-authenticate me in that ConEmu window, however if I close or open another window I need to run the command again.

How can I start an ssh-agent that will authenticate my key in every ConEmu window?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Allow agent forwarding using Cmder (ConEmu)”

    With the following snipped the SSH key is added during the startup of Cmder and the password has only be entered once per session:

    @echo off
    ssh-agent | grep -v echo | sed -e "s/^/@set /" | sed -e "s/;.*$//" - > call.cmd
    call call.cmd
    del call.cmd
    ssh-add "%HOME%\.ssh\id_rsa"
    @echo on

    Add the code to cmder/config/user-startup.cmd in the current Cmder version or to cmder/vendor/init.bat for older versions.

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