Adding cmdline (win7) as an Eclipse console view

I’ve seen it in linux. There’s a console you can open that is just a shell. I want the same thing in windows only with either cmd, or with git bash. (MINGW32). I tried googling it but just got flooded with articles about egit and normal git bash.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Adding cmdline (win7) as an Eclipse console view”

    If you have msysgit, you can use it from a regular cmd session:

    Launch c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe /k <path\to\your\msysgit>\git-cmd.bat, and you can type in that cmd windows regular git commands.

    For a bash session: c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe /k <path\to\your\msysgit>\git-bash.bat.

    Note that you need to modify those bat:

    • git-cmd.bat: add a rem before the setlocal command, and before the start at the end.
    • git-bash.bat: add a rem before the setlocal command.

    So you can add to your Eclipse an external tool which will open a cmd in your console:

    Except, instead of calling C:\windows\system32\cmd.exe (in the “Location” field from the picture above), you could call directly: C:\windows\system32\cmd.exe /k <path\to\your\msysgit>\git-bash.bat.

    By ‘msysgit’, I refer to whatever name you gave to the uncompresdsed portable version of “Git For Windows”: download it there.

    And then you could type git command within the Eclipse console (including a bash session)!

    After testing, the color codes get in the way, even if git works:

    • git-cmd.bat:

    • git-bash.bat:

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