Add multiple project in one repository Github

I’m trying to add multiple project in one repository from Github desktop from Macbook but not able to do it.

While trying to commit it show me this error Failed to add file subfoldername/ to index.

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  • I have tried to figure out and read some answers but not work from terminal as well. Other one i have tried from here.

    I have added all my folder in one folder main repository then trying to add.

    Is there any other way to do it from Github desktop ?

    Or am i missing something. Somebody have idea please suggest something.

    Thanks in advance. I’ll appreciated if somebody give me some better solution.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Add multiple project in one repository Github”

    Try, from the command line, in a fresh clone of your main repo (assuming your multiple projects are all individual git repositories):

     git clone /url/of/main/repo
     cd repo
     git submodule add /url/of/project1
     git submodule add /url/of/project2
     git submodule add /url/of/project3
     git commit -m "Add multiple projects"
     git push

    This uses git submodules in order to record references to those projects in your main repository.

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