Add git submodule as reference to existing solution in VS

Lets say I have submodule repo:

_git/DbModel (only source code indexed. No /bin or /obj folders)

And two projects which needs DbModel as reference library:

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  • _git/TTT

    I’ve already add DbModel as submodule via GitBash to both of them

     git submodule add https://RepoPath/_git/DbModel

    And my local repos now look like this:


    My Team Explorer shows two different solutions which are available now and I can switch between them easily.

    But. Maybe this is kinda newbie question…

    I don’t know how to add DbModel solution as reference to TPM and TTT!
    When I click “Add Reference” -> “Browse” in VS I can only add “.dll, .tlb, .olb, .ocx, .exe, .manifest” as “reference files.

    How its supposed to work? Should I compile sub module solution every time and add .dll as reference? I need source code to be added.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Add git submodule as reference to existing solution in VS”

    For those who will be interested in this:

    git submodule add https://RepoPath/_git/DbModel
    git submodule init   //this is IMPORTANT
    git submodule update

    and then add existing project in your solution from newly created folder. Like that:



    Source\Repos\TPM\                  solution root folder (with main project sln file inside it)
    Source\Repos\TPM\DbModel           submodule root folder (with submodule sln file)
    Source\Repos\TPM\DbModel\DbModel   submodule project folder (with csproj file)
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