add cloned gits to personal Gitlab

I own a Gitlab account. In a running repository I have cloned projects from github but on git add . they won’t be tracked. How do I add cloned projects to my Gitlab account?

git branch -vva

* master                c9ef011 [origin/master] te
  remotes/origin/master c9ef011 te

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    Once you initialize a project in GitLab, you’ll see a page like this:

    enter image description here

    The important part is adding the remote:

    git remote add gitlab git@mygitlaburl:namespace/myproject.git

    You’ll need to add your public key by clicking on Profile Settings > SSH Keys > Add SSH Key.

    Here are complete instructions: How To Use the GitLab User Interface To Manage Projects


    Your problem is explained here: Git repository within Git repository, which links to here: Nested GIT repo gotchas!

    A convenient option if you have many repos is to mass import:

    • go to the directory of a namespace (user or group), e.g. /home/git/repositories/username
    • get the bare repo: git clone --bare The created repo will end in .git and this is required.
    • run bundle exec rake gitlab:import:repos RAILS_ENV=production. The GitLab projects will get automatically created on the datbase for you under the user username.
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