Add a local branch but need the origin is also set ( SmartGIT )

Hi i am a beginner for SmartGIT , I want to create a local branch and that same branch name should be in the origin list .

Ex : –

Currently i have

Local Branches (2)

develop = origin
master = origin

origin (2)


I want to add a project “MyPro” to Local branches but i want this to be set in the origin also , first it will be taken from the origin -> develop .

So the final result would be like this

Local Branches (3)

develop = origin
master = origin
MyPro = origin

origin (3)


So i can work in local MyPro and commit to the remote MyPro and later merge remote MyPro in to the remote develop branch .

I have tried few things , one is

  • write click Local branches . add a branch .
  • Then set the remote tracked branch to origin develop .

But nothing creates me a MyPro in origin ,

I also tried to go to origin and create a branch named MyPro and checkout from origin -> develop . but that is also not possible .

I know this is very simple , but i am really unable to do this .

Please help , Thanks in advance .

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Add a local branch but need the origin is also set ( SmartGIT )”

    First, use Branch|Add Branch to create your local MyProbranch (core Git will know it as refs/heads/MyPro). Make sure you will confirm this dialog with Add Branch & Checkout, so SmartGit will put you into your new branch immediately.

    Now have a couple of commits.

    Finally, use Remote|Push to push your new branch to origin and once asked by SmartGit, select to Configure tracking. This will create origin/MyPro (core Git will know it as refs/remotes/origin/MyPro).

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