add a default git source to visual studio?

I use bitbucket and I clone repos via VS.

I have to manually paste in the https repo link in vs in order to clone it (in the team explorer tab).

Is there a way I could point VS to bitbucket so I can browse my bitbucket repos and choose the one I want instead of having to manually find the link and paste it in?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “add a default git source to visual studio?”

    The Visual Studio page “Clone an existing Git repo” is quite clear:

    Before you can clone an existing repo, you’ll need a URL that points to the existing repo. This URL represents the source of the repo you’re going to copy during the clone.

    So you need to copy it beforehand: you cannot “browse” the available repos directly from VS.

    For instance:

    If you need to clone a GitHub repo, you’ll need to get the clone URL from the Clone or download button while viewing the repo on the web in GitHub.

    Other Git providers have similar buttons in their user interface to get the clone URL.

    For Visual Studio, you can then check out “Visual Studio Bitbucket Extension”.
    It includes the feature:

    Clone – lists all existing Bitbucket repositories and allows user to clone it locally.

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