Accidentally did a branch origin set up to track local branch

I accidentally did:

git checkout mybranch
git branch --set-upstream origin mybranch 

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    How do I reset that and what could it do to me?


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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Accidentally did a branch origin set up to track local branch”

    If all else fails, just edit .git/config with text editor. All the command does is set there

    [branch "origin"]

    so just remove the invalid setting.

    That means you just have a local branch that is set to be tracking the remote branch with the same name. No harm in having that, you are not forced to use the remote branch;)

    You can remove the tracking link with


    or delete the remote branch:

    git push origin :branch-name

    For the latter, if you want to, you need to specifically remove the branch with the -d option.

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